Delegates - Mrs Universe 2010
Age: 38

Nora is a hotel and tourism industry specialist, currently working at the family hotel. She is a happy mother of two children: Emese (15) and Andras (5).
Nora speaks in Hungarian, English, German, she like sports and provide special attention to healthy lifestyle and environmental protection.
Age: 27

Natalia works for the pension fund of Chabarovsk (Russia). Some years ago she was successful model and had contracts in some foreign countries.
Natalia is a young mother, she has 5 months daughter Maria. Delegate likes classic music, Japanese cuisine, her favorite book is the Bible. She is interested in stock transactions.
Natalia things that Russian women don’t face serious violence of women rights in their country.
Delegate’s motto – the inner beauty is the most important.
Age 34 

Elvira works as the regional Manager of a Travel Agency & Model. She has twin boys Jaheim & Jazeim (7) who are very talented in sports, especially soccer, love mathematics and are very intelligent. Family is pretty much the center of delegate’s life. Elvira says she want to have 10 more children if God allows her.
Delegate already participated in 7 beauty contests, got leading Role in music video, Coordination by Steffen Morrison 2010 and became winner of Jong Zuid acting casting on 2005 (800 contestants). Also she is winner of National Sales award in 2008 and National Team Leadership award in 2009. Elvira likes swimming, dancing and writing, her special talents are modeling and coordinate clothing.
Delegate is the spokes person for the LAKMA museum project, the first museum of Latin American art in the Netherlands and support door to door collect for charity org Cordaid.
Life ambition of Elvira is to become a successful businesswoman & to establish own nonprofit charity organization to help children in third world countries.
Delegate things that The Netherlands is a very well organized country which gives man and woman the same social rights. In fact there are many organizations that helps woman & children who needs food & shelter, and also woman who has been victims of domestic violence.
Age 34 

Maria works as the internet operator and has daughter Marina. Family fulfils all ambitions and interests of delegate she thinks her family is the best in the world.
Maria is pleased to participate in the fashion shows to collect money for humanitarian purposes. Maria likes belly dance, gym, music, shopping, travelling, dancing and her special talent is singing.
Delegate thinks that the biggest problem of women rights in Cyprus is sex discrimination in business and occupation.
Republic of Macedonia
Age 34 

Kristina is the specialist of the international business and works as the realtor. She speaks in English, Serbo-Croatian, Italian and Spanish. Delegate donating her time to local organizations by collecting clothing and other necessities for the indigenous and less fortunate. She feel blessed, giving back to her community anyway she can.
Kristina likes arts and crafts, Yoga, Horseback Riding, Tennis, Biking, Fashion, Traveling, Learning new languages, her special talents are singing and dancing.
Delegate thinks that Human trafficking is still a problem in her homeland of Macedonia, since it is a transit country where mostly women and children are being trafficked and used for prostitution and forced labor. She is happy to report that Macedonian government makes continuous progress in capturing and prosecuting the trafficking offenders and is increasing the efforts to fight all forms of human trafficking.
Age 33

Jurgita was born and grew up in Jonava.
From her childhood she likes painting very much, so she made her dreams true-finished the studies of design and the school of art.
Jurgita have four specialities. Now she works as a hair stylist. Beauty in her life is very important, she likes to make women to look nice, to see them happy. Creation is in all her works and in her mind.
Lithuanian delegate likes to spend free time in the nature. She also loves knitting, sewing, needlwork, but the most of all she like painting. Jurgita paints everything she feel. It can be nature, people, or some of her emotions. Jurgita held a few exhibitions in Jonava, but the most enjoyable thing is to give paintings for her friends.
Photography is onother activity which Jurgita began to interested in. She likes to fix moments, which will never happen again. Jurgita‘s daughter is also interested in photography and she often suprise mother with ability to convey people‘s mood, to catch the unique moments.
Jurgita has a strong sense of responsibility, she try to behave deliberately and is always ready to help, not only saying sympathy words, but taking a real actions.
Women always eager to have new feelings and emotions, to try herself in different situations and she try achieve all her goals using strong will.
The biggest experience on stage was the contest „The Woman of Lituania“ in 2008 where Jurgita got a vice title.
Age 38 

Yesenia is business women and happy mother of 3 children: Katherine (16), Carlos (12) and Kamila (4). Family is the centre of delegate’s life and creates the main force that moves her world.
Yesenia helps homeless children, support children foundations, nursing homes, hospitals and church. She likes to dance, to attend tennis matches with her children.
Delegate considers that the biggest problem of women rights in her country is physical and psychological abuse of women and problems of single mothers.
Age 40

Christine works together with her husband doctor as the nurse and as the beautician in her own beauty salon. Delegate has 3 children: Raf (14), Nina (7) and Rune (3), she try to combine work and family the best way possible. Christine wants to be an example for her daughters and teach them that they can make their dreams come true even they will be married and have children.
Christine speaks in Dutch, French, English, German and Italian. Her hobbies are reading, cooking, interior design, family activities and much more. Special talent of delegate is singing, she sang at the Antwerp Cathedral quire.
Life ambition of Christine is to keep learning and developing her skills. She will plan to become a professional image consultant and later a life consultant.
Delegate thinks that Belgium is a great country to live and offers women enough opportunities to be independent, but there is still a big difference in wages between man and women who practice the same.
Baltic coast 
Age 31

Renata is currently growing her four-month son Emil, but she find time for family and various projects as well. Family is the fundamental framework for creative forces and main motivation for life objectives. Most importantly - the mutual understanding of all issues that can be resolved peacefully and with love.
Renata has participated in nine international beauty contests, and three times was chosen as the winner. A special talent of delegate is singing, she is winner of popular musical show .
Renata believes that violence against women remains a major problem only because women themselves do not dare or are afraid to talk about it
Age 30

Olena is event manager, speaking in German, Ukrainian, Belorussian, English and Russian. Family is a very important for delegate and gives her all necessary support and back hold achieving her goals.
Hobbies of Olena are guitar play, animals, cooking, drawing, journeys, her special talents are singing and poems write.
Olena is very proud that on the 2009 she was awarded with Medal of Fedor Michajlowitsch Dostoewskij for Beauty, Humanity and Justice.
Delegate support deaf children in a school for the handicapped people in Braunschweig. Her nearest life ambition is to become the new MRS UNIVERSE, in order to be able to use the title for social activities and to support more the handicapped people or people in need.
Age 38

Natalia works as a marketing specialist. She has a very creative family, daughter Elina (14 years old) is a poet. Natalia support idea of “equal rights” family, where each has rights and responsibilities, she organizes family life and is generator of all crazy ideas.
Delegate’s hobbies are floristic, landscape design, interior design, setting her daughter’s stage performances, special talent of woman is dancing.
Natalia think that main problems of women rights in her country are that men don’t want to except equality with women and presume that all care about family and house is women’s work.
A life ambition of delegate is to create organization, which will support and promote creative children in our country.
Age 46

Maria is licensed civil engineer and businesswoman. She has two children: Joram Jefferson (13) and Jared Jullian (7). About her family woman says: “Family, next to God, has always been my inspiration and everything”.
Maria is involved to some social projects: feeding of street children, visiting and giving toiletries to prisoners, visiting elderly. Woman likes to read good books, newspapers and magazines, biking, also she plays on piano.
Philippines delegate has a big experience of beauty pageants from 1983. On the 1988 Maria was crowned as Miss Philippines, also was awarded by important titles in some international and national pageants.
A life ambition of Maria is to be more active in the promotion of women rights in her country.
Age 24

Jennika is a student of business administration in University, speaking in Finnish, Swedish, English and some German.
Jennika has one child, 3 years old Storm, but her family is really big, because she has four sisters and one brother. Interesting fact about the family is that Jennika’s sister is married to her husband’s brother. Family is the most important thing in delegate’s life and she think that busy people of today should focus more on their families and the ones they love.
Jennika is a volunteer in her city helping immigrants to adapt the new culture, later she will plan to lead Finnish language club for immigrants.
On her free time Jennika like to read biographies and classic novels, also drawing and shopping.

Russia (Tatarstan)
Age 28

Madina is happy wife and mother of 8 years old Adel.
Delegate has legal education, works as a director of travel agency. For the success in business Madina got a special award “Bussiness lady of city – 2010”.
Madina active participates in various social activities.
Age 44

Sandra is happy mother of 3 children: Kimberly (18), Lydn (16) and Alejandro (10). She always puts children in first priority and is proud that she can work as full time mother. Sandra love spending a lot of time her children and she cherish and treasure those moments.
Hobbies of Sandra is modeling, cooking, dancing and travelling, she speaks Maltese, English and Italian.
Sandra already participated in some beauty pageants and archieved prestigious titles (Mrs Malta, Mrs Queen of Malta, Mrs Personality and Mrs Photogenic in international finals and other), she took second place in the dancing pageant. Sandra thinks that pageants help to achieve good goals and fund raising for various social projects.
Age 33

Elena is happy mother of 2 children: George (13) and Jaklin (12). She works as a manager, in her free time she like horse ridding, mode and especially traveling. With her family Elena visited many countries, because she likes to learn about the other cultures and to see nice localities.
Elena can speak in Bulgarian, Russian and English.
Age 32

Agnija is a practicing lawyer (master degree in a law). She works with the women who was married with foreigners and want to come back to live to Latvia as the native country with their children. Problem is that Latvian courts often render a judgment to return children to other country. On the 2009 Agnija gave a claim to European Court of Human Rights in such case, also delegate participates in border disputes with Australia, Norway and Russian Federation for civil child abduction.
Special talent of Agnija is ballroom dancing. Hobbies of Delegate are sport cars and reading. Woman like animals, she has two cats at home and support cat’s shelters.
Agnija’s life ambition is to be a woman professional in a law.
Malta Islands
Age 28

Amanda works as a chief Financial Officer. She started working in accounts at a young age and continued her studies for the last 10 years. Delegate has a demanding career and works for long hours at times, but always manages to make time for her family, spend as much time with them as possible. Amanda has 3 sisters and brother and all they have very close relationship.
Amanda likes reading, modelling, meeting friends, swimming, cooking, shopping, travelling, watching documentaries and movies. A delegate helps the organisation who provides a home for cats and dogs and supports other charity organisations.
Amanda speaks in Maltese, English, Italian and German.
Age 27

Vasilina has a special sense of ambient beauty and like to decorate and dress up people. She works with the projects of dancing, choreography, image making (clothes and make-up).
With the husband Andrey they have 2 years old son Vitalik. All family like animals and take care of 3 homeless cats and one dog.
Vasilina believes, that women's rights are not violated in Belarus, but sometimes women themselves forget that they are beautiful, smart, successful, and support the stereotype that a housewife with kids and family should neither be a model nor take part in different contests. Vasilina has a big dream to become the organizer of competition of Mrs. Belarus and help Belarusian women with participation in international contests.
Dominican Republic
Age 31

Nileny is manager of modeling school, her social activity is projects with a poor girls of Santo Domingo. Nileny is loving wife and is seeking to become the paragon wife of her husband Christian Martinez. Women like traveling and various performances.
Life ambition of delegate is to become worldwide famous actress.
Nileny has a big experience with the international beauty contests.
Age 34

34 years old dentist and model, speaking in Russian and English, has one child - 14 years old Arkady Melkumyan. Alla likes sports, dance and traveling, her social activity is to help children suffering from cancer. Life ambition – to become Health Minister of Armenia.
Delegate already participated in the beauty contests “Missis Armenia” and Missis Infinity and got nomination “Golden Model Armenia”.
Age 38

Family is the most important thing in Diana’s life where she takes strength to go on with her career and social activities. Diana is happy wife and mother of 9 years old boy Aggaios.
Delegate has her own company of events and kids parties, also she voluntary works as an adviser of abused women. Abuse in the family Diana defines as the serious problem in her country, because these women feeling ashamed and frightened to ask help of society and law.
Special talent of Diana is to make puppet dolls (marionettes).
Diana successfully participated in some beauty pageants: Miss Siberia 1994 (winner), Face of the Year 1995 (1 runner-up) , Mrs Globe 2008 ( “The spirit of the Globe”).
Life ambition of Greece delegate is to be an example of dynamic woman that can be a good wife, a good mother and successful businesswomen in her country